April 6th, 2010

Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

When I started this company back in 2007, I had no idea what I was in for, but now I realize being a mom gave me some essential qualities necessary to succeed.

Moms all run businesses.  The business of raising a child.  I am sure you have seen the numerous talk shows and chain mails that comment on the amount of money a mom should make, because we wear so many hats. But, we know that no amount of money can compare to the expeirence of being a mom.  The quality moms possess that makes it all worthwhile, without making a cent, is the innate sense to nurture.  Oddly enough, it is this same quality that stands to bring in the mother load for businesses.

There are many successful mompreneurs.  Maybe it’s because without consciously realizing it, they run a business like they raise a child.

Being a mom is about finding your way through sleepless nights without much reward.  Juggling daily activities that have an expansive range.  We routinely do what is necessary for our children.  We feed them, we wait, and they begin to grow.  We love them, we wait, and a personality begins to develop. We hold them steady, we wait, and they reach for the table and take baby steps towards independence.  We watch them fall, we wait, and they pick themselves back up.  We teach them, we wait, and they start making their own decisions.  We spend a life guiding them, continuing day in and day out,  collecting bigger and bigger rewards along the way.  The only one we need, is self satisfaction.  Being able to marvel at being a part of such an awesome opportunity. We don’t need accolades for our children’s successes, but the guilt we might feel for their mistakes, ultimately drives us to do better at our jobs.

Being an entrepreneur is the same process.  You spend months, if not years, researching.  Many sleepless nights follow without reward.  You juggle marketing, sales, developing a website, developing a brand, a logo and identity.   You keep on feeding the business, day in and day out,  and it begins to grow. You manage employees. You relish in the little successes. The trials and errors are the catalyst to improved decisions and ideas.  You hope, eventually, the business will take on a life all it’s own and become self sufficient.

Being an entrepreneur and a mother can be thankless jobs at times.  But being a nurturer, gives you an advantage.  Patience is inherent to nurturing.   It provides strength and the drive to face challenges and risks, no reward required. All entrepreneurs want success, but moms may be the most successful, because they know the outcome is well worth the wait.

March 17th, 2010

Corporate Good

As parents, we have a tough enough job being role models. When we expose our kids to society, many behaviors out there challenge what we teach our children. They might come home with new words, new ways of interacting and engaging. When I started this company, I set out to develop a brand and a philosophy that mirrored my positive approach to raising my family. The old cliche that it takes a village to raise a child, doesn’t work very well when the village is corrupt, unfriendly and negative. Everyday, I encourage my children to think positive, to surround themselves with others that enhance their lives, to accept and tolerate differences in others, and to celebrate every little joy they find in this world. They watch me smile and say hello to everyone that I see, and they know, as long as they are with a trusted adult, they too can say hello. No matter what negative circumstances we are faced with on a daily basis, we can always find a positive to balance it. Thanking others when they are giving, kind and friendly is one of these positives.

As I started the new year, I struggled with the decision to continue blogging. There are so many responsibilities in running a business, that I fought to find time and content to write a blog. What could I write about that would align with my brand? I decided that thanking others for their positive impact on society, which ultimately supports my guidance as a parent, was a good way to start. A testimonial of sorts, not about products, but about companies and people I interact with who enhance the lives of others. Those who display simple good manners, who are giving and friendly, who think about others before themselves are worth sharing. I figured the best way to celebrate the little joys in my world was to write about them.

So for my first entry, I’d like to highlight a company whose philosophy of wholesome transcends into not only their chicken, but into each and every employee.

Last week, I took my six year old daughter into Chick-fil-A for the first time. She is a burger fan, but has recently acquired a new found love for chicken. I have always had good experiences at the drive-thru, but rarely go inside. I knew Chick-fil-A had a christian foundation and have always heard they treat their employees and customers with respect. Being raised a catholic, I witnessed many christian behaviors falling to the wayside once outside the church doors. And I may be the last to know, but Chick-fil-A practices what they preach.

The employees behind the counter were polite and friendly. How refreshing to see a smile and total focus on the customer. Then, the cashier said he would bring the food to our seat. I figured it was due to how busy they were, but then I noticed other employees doing it for all families. THEN, he said he’d be glad to get us any condiments or straws or napkins. Are you kidding me? I don’t have to leave my child at the table, looking over my shoulder to make sure she stays safe? What is even more amazing, is the effect it had on the customers. Everyone was happy, polite and friendly as well. I often tell my children when you change your behavior, others will too. The atmosphere was so pleasant and relaxing, and I believe it’s because of the genuine respect shown by their employees.

Chick-fil-A is a company that stays true to their philosophy, going above and beyond to make their customers’ experience rewarding. Too often corporate greed and corruption make the news. How reassuring to know that there are companies whose success is well deserved. I want to thank them for being good role models for those they employ, our society and our children.