April 6th, 2010

Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

When I started this company back in 2007, I had no idea what I was in for, but now I realize being a mom gave me some essential qualities necessary to succeed.

Moms all run businesses.  The business of raising a child.  I am sure you have seen the numerous talk shows and chain mails that comment on the amount of money a mom should make, because we wear so many hats. But, we know that no amount of money can compare to the expeirence of being a mom.  The quality moms possess that makes it all worthwhile, without making a cent, is the innate sense to nurture.  Oddly enough, it is this same quality that stands to bring in the mother load for businesses.

There are many successful mompreneurs.  Maybe it’s because without consciously realizing it, they run a business like they raise a child.

Being a mom is about finding your way through sleepless nights without much reward.  Juggling daily activities that have an expansive range.  We routinely do what is necessary for our children.  We feed them, we wait, and they begin to grow.  We love them, we wait, and a personality begins to develop. We hold them steady, we wait, and they reach for the table and take baby steps towards independence.  We watch them fall, we wait, and they pick themselves back up.  We teach them, we wait, and they start making their own decisions.  We spend a life guiding them, continuing day in and day out,  collecting bigger and bigger rewards along the way.  The only one we need, is self satisfaction.  Being able to marvel at being a part of such an awesome opportunity. We don’t need accolades for our children’s successes, but the guilt we might feel for their mistakes, ultimately drives us to do better at our jobs.

Being an entrepreneur is the same process.  You spend months, if not years, researching.  Many sleepless nights follow without reward.  You juggle marketing, sales, developing a website, developing a brand, a logo and identity.   You keep on feeding the business, day in and day out,  and it begins to grow. You manage employees. You relish in the little successes. The trials and errors are the catalyst to improved decisions and ideas.  You hope, eventually, the business will take on a life all it’s own and become self sufficient.

Being an entrepreneur and a mother can be thankless jobs at times.  But being a nurturer, gives you an advantage.  Patience is inherent to nurturing.   It provides strength and the drive to face challenges and risks, no reward required. All entrepreneurs want success, but moms may be the most successful, because they know the outcome is well worth the wait.

July 21st, 2009

Can We Wrap This For You?

I guess I understand better than anyone, since I do a lot of online shopping, how convenient it is to offer a gift wrap option. Who doesn’t love ordering a gift and sending it nicely wrapped in one fell swoop. A recent meeting with my PR person, Kelly at www.klevergirlpr.com convinced me to get on board. She has been sending my samples to various magazines and mommy bloggers in this simple, yet beautiful presentation. We are researching some optional colors and sizes, and once we decide on the perfect one, it will be an option for a small fee. I realize this is nothing new, but when starting a business some things become priority and this sort of fell off the radar. Now the perfect gift will have a perfect presentation. I bet you can wrap your brain around that!

June 16th, 2009

The Baby Monitor

If not for the baby monitor, you wouldn’t be reading this entry. An invention that some argue interrupts sleep, leaving you jumping every time your baby stirs, has provided me with early morning wake up calls, and much needed inspiration.

One such early morning, ours was Broadcasting R-rated lyrics to Brahm’s Lullabye. I awoke wide eyed in terror, what if the neighbors were listening in? No really, they claim their monitors pick up things. What I applauded as clever concealing of his potty mouth, might have come across the airways as bad parenting. Only I was sure it was my husband’s attempt to hide his frustration from our son and calm himself in his defeat with the sleeper snaps.

The morning after, (and many after) were spent shopping the online boutiques for a better sleeper. One that would save our sanity, and get us back to bed a little quicker. Much to my surprise, it did not exist.

If I would have listened to my husband and turned off the monitor, I may have gotten some much needed sleep, and possibly prevented some neighborhood gossip, but diaper changing wouldn’t have gotten any easier!

The task of designing my first product and getting it onto retail shelves, has taken almost two years. Mostly satisfying, but not withstanding some limitations and upsets. I plan on sharing my road to reality with you, and with any luck, introducing new innovative products.

One thing is for sure, inspiration comes from everywhere. Share your thoughts, you never know who might be listening. I know I will be. Just in case, I think I’ll keep my baby monitor plugged in (even though I don’t need it anymore).