November 18th, 2009

SmartZip. Smart Choice?

If you are anything like me, you shop for value. Price is, of course, the most obvious characteristic of a good value. Quality is a close second.

Case in point, the price of the SmartZip™ Sleeper. I bet you are wondering, why would I buy the SmartZip™ Sleeper for $28 when I can get three baby sleepers at Children’s Place for $30. Umm Hello World?! Oh, and, I can get a good quality one at the Gap or Old Navy for about $16-$18. Yeah, Yeah. Believe me, when I developed the SmartZip™ Sleeper, I knew this competition was out there.

So, I set out to develop a baby sleeper that not only had a unique function to make parent’s lives a bit easier, but one that also had exceptional quality. Being a mom, I had used the competitions baby sleepers. I wanted softer material, more durable material and better all-over design.

The SmartZip™ Sleeper is all of these.

Let’s review.

The SmartZip™ Sleeper is 100% interlock cotton. Most sleepers are a ribbed cotton, which gives the product added stretch, but it also causes it to lose it’s shape. The SmartZip™ Sleeper is still flexible, but holds it’s shape better. No more baggy knees or elbows.

The SmartZip™ Sleeper is also a slightly heavier cotton. This gives it added softness and comfort. It also makes it more durable. Several uses and washings of my competitors sleepers resulted in holes in the knees and my son’s toes popping out. An added bonus to this material, as reported by moms who have used the SmartZip™ Sleeper, is that its quality keeps it from fading and shrinking. This is good news, if you are planning on expanding your family.

The SmartZip™ Sleeper uses a two way zipper, that means, a zipper pull at the neckline and a zipper pull at the ankle. No other baby sleeper on the market has this added convenience. Traditional sleepers that only zip from the neckline down are a great invention. But, if your baby is anything like mine was, unzip at the top and risk him/her wiggling out of the arms too. My son also faired better during a diaper change drinking a bottle. Try keeping the bottle in his mouth while trying to get to the snap and the zipper pull under his chin. My diaper changes became such a frustrating task. The two way zipper is the same idea as the snap baby sleeper. The snap baby sleeper allows you to open only as far as you need it from the bottom. By using an additional zipper pull at the bottom of the SmartZip™ Sleeper, you can unzip as far as you need to, without having to fumble with realigning snaps. The result is a simpler, quicker, easier diaper change.

Finally, the SmartZip™ Sleeper doesn’t look like a sleeper. It is trendy enough to keep your little one in while running those morning errands. Most mornings I found myself rushing my older child off to school and then realizing I need to make a stop at the grocery store before my 10am appointment and I was already late! How I wish I could find a sleeper that wasn’t covered with trucks or busy patterns that screamed I LEFT MY KID IN HIS SLEEPER BECAUSE I CAN’T GET MY S*#T TOGETHER IN THE MORNING. So think of the SmartZip Sleeper as a baby sleeper and baby outfit in one. Now the SmartZip is a STEAL!

The SmartZip™ is a one-of-kind baby sleeper. A lot of effort went into making what is proving to be a better baby sleeper. (Which is not to say it doesn’t have room for improvement.) Though, I’ve been told, once you use it, you will wish you bought it sooner. The SmartZip™ is a Smart Choice. And if you don’t agree, don’t worry, I’ll refund your money no questions asked.