I haven’t been blogging much recently. Here is one of the reasons.

Meet Pilot, the newest member of our family. No it’s not a horse. Pilot is a Great Pyrenees, Border Collie mix. He was kicked out of a car near a school bus stop in Kentucky. Apparently, he waited around 3 days for his owners to return. Some of the neighbors weren’t happy about his hanging around and threatened to shoot him. Luckily, a rescue group in Indy was notified and they picked him up. They named him Pilot because he was trying to drive the car home. He is about one year old. Huge already at 65 pounds. Since he’s a mix they say he won’t get to be as big as the pure bred Great Pyrenees. But, he will be close to 90 pounds when he is full grown. He is sweet and gentle. Loves laps, kids and cats. We found him online through petfinder.com. The best thing about rescue dogs is that they are normally fostered in a home. So their temperament is able to be matched to a perfect home. And he is a perfect fit for our home, with just enough puppy left in him to enjoy. My floors are looking cleaner than ever, but we are missing a few pairs of shoes and one too many of the kids toys. But, after all he’s been through, who could blame him? I think we’ll keep him and help him work through it!

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