Say Hello to the SmartZip Sleeper!

Hello World® Clothing Company set out to develop a baby sleeper that not only had a unique function to make parent’s lives a bit easier, but one that also had exceptional quality. Mom invented with softer material, more durable material and better all-over design.

The SmartZip® Sleeper uses a two way zipper, that means, a zipper pull at the neckline and a zipper pull at the ankle. No other baby sleeper on the market has this added convenience. The two way zipper is the same idea as the snap baby sleeper. The snap baby sleeper allows you to open only as far as you need it from the bottom. By using an additional zipper pull at the bottom of the SmartZip Sleeper, you can unzip as far as you need to, without having to fumble with realigning snaps. The result is a simpler, quicker, easier diaper change.

The SmartZip Sleeper is 100% interlock cotton instead of ribbed. Still flexible, but holds it’s shape better. No more baggy knees or elbows.

The SmartZip Sleeper is a slightly heavier cotton, giving it added softness, comfort and durability. It’s quality keeps it from fading and shrinking.

The SmartZip Sleeper doesn’t look like a sleeper. It is trendy enough to keep your little one in while running those morning errands. It’s a baby sleeper and baby outfit in one.

So Why Not Say Hello to a one-of-a-kind baby sleeper – The SmartZip Sleeper. We’ve been told, once you use it, you will wish you bought it sooner. The SmartZip is a Smart Choice.