Say Hello to the SimpleZip Pant!

Hello World® Clothing Company didn’t think a smarter sleeper would solve everything. Those day time diaper changes, especially on the go, needed our attention. The result is a baby and toddler pant with a unique zipper function to make parent’s lives even easier. Mom invented with the same exceptional quality you have come to expect. Say Hello to the SimpleZip™ Pant.

The SimpleZip Pant is another first of it’s kind on the market. It is designed with a zipper from one ankle, up through the crotch and down to the opposite ankle. The one way zipper is used where some pants use snaps. (In our opinion, there aren’t even enough of those out there!) Snap pants allow you to open for diaper changing without removing the pants completely. The SimpleZip pant allows you to do the same thing, but without realigning snaps. The result is a simpler, quicker, easier diaper change.

The SimpleZip Pant is 100% interlock cotton. Still flexible, but holds it’s shape better. No more baggy knees.

The SimpleZip Pant is a slightly heavier cotton, giving it added softness, comfort and durability. It’s quality keeps it from fading and shrinking.

And, the SimpleZip Pant is extremely cute.

So Why Not Say Hello to the one-of-a-kind baby and toddler pant – The SimpleZip Pant. Don’t fumble with snaps when you don’t have to! The SimpleZip is a Simple Choice.