We were first introduced to The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation through its founder Traci Nagy.  She contacted Hello World Clothing Company with some very positive feedback about our SmartZip Sleepers.  Many tube fed babies are fed during the night.  Because our sleepers offer an opening at the ankle, it enables the feeding tube to stay secure during night time feedings.  Imagine our excitement in finding out our design offered an answer to the challenges faced by parents of tube fed babies!

The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation was founded in 2010 as a means of supporting parents of children who are tube-fed and raising positive awareness of tube feeding as a life saving medical intervention. The group’s annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week®, held the second week of February, has gained support of news media, online media, corporations and organizations focused on tube feeding. The organization’s website is an unparalleled resource for parents and caregivers and the Facebook page is the largest online support group for tube feeding in the world. Feeding Tube Awareness is developing materials to get parents the information, resources and emotional support they need when their child is receiving a feeding tube. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is run 100% by volunteers.

We decided we should help promote Feeding Tube Awareness, not only by giving back 5% of our proceeds to their foundation, but by donating our SmartZip Sleepers to parents of tube fed babies who are often overwhelmed with medical bills and are unable to purchase our products. Every year during the week before Mother’s Day and the second week of February, which is Feeding Tube Awareness week, we will donate a sleeper for every sleeper sold to parents of tube fed babies.

Traci, we are so glad you reached out to us and said hello!