Aidan Brown Foundation

Aidan Brown is a 5 year old, who days before his 5th Birthday was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  His older brother, Alex attends the same grade and school with our daughter.  We became aquaintances with his parents, Chris and Michele, shortly before his diagnosis.  Since his journey to fight this cancer began, we have been following a blog that his parents write daily.  It has been such an inspiration to our family, the community at our school and worldwide, that we felt compelled to give to their foundation.

The Aidan Brown Foundation raises money to buy iPads for children with cancer that are treated at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  Chris and Michele were so moved by the support of Riley and the prayers of their community, that even in their struggle, they decided to give back.  iPads are an awesome way for children fighting their battle of cancer, to pass the time.  An entertaining distraction in an otherwise, somber and often times painful environment.

We are reminded every day how blessed we are, thanks to the Brown family.  Why not Say Hello to Aidan Brown.  Get to know him and his family.  You too will feel inspired and blessed.  Witness the power of prayer and what a community can do.  Join us in their effort to make the lives of children with cancer a little more tolerable.  Make a purchase and a percentage will be donated to their cause.

We  look forward to helping many children throughout the world by partnering with more charities like the Aidan Brown Foundation.  Our future is working together with our consumers to give back. Hello World Clothing Company hopes to change your thinking every time you use our products, not just about the way you change a diaper, but about the way you can help change the world.