About Hello World

When we see the way a child looks at the world with hope and excitement, it takes us back to the days that we felt such simplicity ourselves. As the day progresses, the sensation fades for a number of reasons. We complain about hot days, our kids run through the sprinkler. We live by a schedule, but our kids never seem to know what time it is. We spray for bugs, our kids befriend them. The overwhelming joy we get from watching our children embrace life’s tiniest details is what inspires us. What inspires you?

Hello World® is the brain child of a loving family who wanted an easier way for savvy parents to connect with the needs of their children and with their own world. We realize that busy parents and children have one important common thread: each other. When your child shines the eyes of innocence in your direction, everything else is insignificant.

Something as simple as a diaper change has changed our world. Now we want to change yours. What started with easing late night trips to our baby’s nursery, has become the evolution of an old favorite, the baby sleeper. Our first product, the patent pending SmartZip® Sleeper, successfully helps your child differentiate between quality time and a quick change in the middle of the night, leading to another morning of discovery.

Hello World strives to make each of your lives easier starting with a zip, and doesn’t stop there. A brand that will not only remind us how to slow down for what’s important, but will keep us excited by what’s to come. Keep an eye out for our revolutionary ideas, products, and overall common sense approach to growing with your children and their needs. They may dictate your schedule, but we’ll help you maneuver around the time constraints. When your kids say Hello World first thing in the morning, embrace their innocence, and ask yourself, how will you say Hello?

Check out our zippers and start changing the way you change diapers….