September 22nd, 2009


I haven’t been blogging much recently. Here is one of the reasons.

Meet Pilot, the newest member of our family. No it’s not a horse. Pilot is a Great Pyrenees, Border Collie mix. He was kicked out of a car near a school bus stop in Kentucky. Apparently, he waited around 3 days for his owners to return. Some of the neighbors weren’t happy about his hanging around and threatened to shoot him. Luckily, a rescue group in Indy was notified and they picked him up. They named him Pilot because he was trying to drive the car home. He is about one year old. Huge already at 65 pounds. Since he’s a mix they say he won’t get to be as big as the pure bred Great Pyrenees. But, he will be close to 90 pounds when he is full grown. He is sweet and gentle. Loves laps, kids and cats. We found him online through The best thing about rescue dogs is that they are normally fostered in a home. So their temperament is able to be matched to a perfect home. And he is a perfect fit for our home, with just enough puppy left in him to enjoy. My floors are looking cleaner than ever, but we are missing a few pairs of shoes and one too many of the kids toys. But, after all he’s been through, who could blame him? I think we’ll keep him and help him work through it!

September 22nd, 2009

On Becoming a TWIT-erer (Revisited)

Back in January of 2009 I posted this blog about Twitter on I re-read it recently and decided it would be a good thing to post it on my personal blog (and to elaborate on it) since I have been tweeting for nine months.

I am brand new to all this social media networking. The marketing team I am using for my new business, strong armed me into it. For good reason. The tweeting began with my hands hovering over the keyboard. What Am I Doing Now? Easily answered over a phone line, but for some reason I couldn’t figure out what to say. Should it be business related? I am here, after all, to help put my product on the map. Do I talk about what I am really doing? Having an anxiety attack! Surely, that wouldn’t be the best way to gain followers. I felt a little exposed. Afraid of the water.

I must say, my first tweet was uneventful. They are improving, as is my number of followers. I even attend other social networks. I have immersed myself into a whole new community. Enlarged my social circle. Found a place to exchange ideas and gain insight. I have broadened my social etiquette. Followed with curiosity and un-followed without regret. Looking for business connections, I have made friends. I have since gotten over the feeling of being the new kid. Not a good chance I’ll ever make it into the “in crowd”. But, who ever thought becoming a twit would be a good thing.

Back then, I think I only had 100 followers. Now I have 1,200 and am very comfortable tweeting these days. I tweet an average of three times a day. And spend, maybe an average of 1 hour per day researching potential followers or catching up with current ones. I have not invested that much time, and I have gotten amazing results. My Google Analytics prove it.

The most important things I have learned:

  • Do not tweet only about your business. Most people won’t follow you if you are only trying to gain something.
  • Don’t necessarily tweet about what your eating every morning, but tweet some personal antecdotes, feelings, emotions, or quotes. It gives personality to your business and depth to your (Twitter) character.
  • Don’t use all the apps (or applications) that give you a million followers in a day. It doesn’t look very legitimate, especially if you only tweeted once last week.
  • Don’t follow too many at once or too many more than is following you. You look like a spammer and people will not follow you.
  • Follow people who interest you. I find followers a number of ways. I spend time on TweetChat about subjects that interest me or are pertinent to my business, I subscribe to SocialOomph for leads (but not to get automatic followers), and mostly I look to see who my followers are following.
  • Retweet others! This goes back to having interesting followers. You like what they have to say? Their insight might help others. Pay it forward.
  • Maintain consistency! I can’t say I have ever lost followers because I have had slow weeks, but I do drop followers if they haven’t tweeted in a month.

I cannot emphasize enough how helpful and important Twitter has been to starting this clothing line, or starting any business. Twitter is my free marketing tool, my free advertising tool, my free networking tool. It is my society away from society. I have connected with so many people all over the world, most of which, I would have never met on the street or in my travels. Friends and business contacts that reach the corners of the earth.

There are many people who say that social media is another deterrent from interacting with each other face to face. I agree, it can be addicting, and keep you from spending some time out and about. But, I would argue it’s not any easier or fantastical. It has all the same rules as ‘real’ society. And actually emphasizes one of the most important life lessons – “When you give much, you receive much.” There are random acts of kindness performed every day on Twitter, for people we don’t even know. How can a society like this be bad? I am proud to be a part of the Twitter community. I am happy to be a twit!