June 25th, 2009

The Enterprising Woman

I rarely have good luck. I usually wait around for the third bad thing to happen so I can move on with my day or week. The stars must have been aligned one morning. To my surprise, I received a call from a writer from a local magazine. She found me through a local networking site smallerindiana.com. It was proof this online social networking was working! She wondered if she could interview me for an article on enterprising women. Me an enterprising woman? You got that from my profile? Can I just tell you, the excitement that ran through me? I know it wasn’t People Magazine or the cover of Forbes, but it suddenly made what I was doing real. Only a handful of people knew about my endeavor. And after two years of working behind the scenes, I guess the idea of it really happening was surreal. Even after the writer told me I might only get a couple lines, my adrenaline was still flowing.

A couple months go by and I get a phone call from a neighbor. She saw the article in the Carmel Magazine that day and wanted to congratulate me and wish me luck. I ran to my mailbox, but it wasn’t there! Somehow my subscription had lapsed. So I went to the supermarket to get a copy. They still had last month’s on the stand. Seriously, I went for a week. They never put the current issue on the stand. See what I mean about my bad luck? No worries, my neighbors all saved their copies. The article about five local enterprising women dedicated a page to each. A full page! So exciting! Validity to all I had been working on. Then it happened. The third unlucky thing of course. It was a great story, only, there was no mention of the company name or the product name!

I knew I had provided all the information to the writer. I wish now that I would have asked her if I could review it before publishing. I didn’t even think of that. It never occurred to me that I had a say in what she wrote. I was just so excited somebody found my story interesting and wanted to share it.

No complaints. It was great to be included with the owner of Z Gallerie and other local business owners. Give it a read helloworldclothing.com/press.php. I have received a lot of well wishes and support. Which is exactly what I’ll need when I get my next round of bad luck. But, if the stars decide to be on my side again, and if Forbes Magazine or People Magazine call, at least I’ll make sure the story is right.

June 16th, 2009

The Baby Monitor

If not for the baby monitor, you wouldn’t be reading this entry. An invention that some argue interrupts sleep, leaving you jumping every time your baby stirs, has provided me with early morning wake up calls, and much needed inspiration.

One such early morning, ours was Broadcasting R-rated lyrics to Brahm’s Lullabye. I awoke wide eyed in terror, what if the neighbors were listening in? No really, they claim their monitors pick up things. What I applauded as clever concealing of his potty mouth, might have come across the airways as bad parenting. Only I was sure it was my husband’s attempt to hide his frustration from our son and calm himself in his defeat with the sleeper snaps.

The morning after, (and many after) were spent shopping the online boutiques for a better sleeper. One that would save our sanity, and get us back to bed a little quicker. Much to my surprise, it did not exist.

If I would have listened to my husband and turned off the monitor, I may have gotten some much needed sleep, and possibly prevented some neighborhood gossip, but diaper changing wouldn’t have gotten any easier!

The task of designing my first product and getting it onto retail shelves, has taken almost two years. Mostly satisfying, but not withstanding some limitations and upsets. I plan on sharing my road to reality with you, and with any luck, introducing new innovative products.

One thing is for sure, inspiration comes from everywhere. Share your thoughts, you never know who might be listening. I know I will be. Just in case, I think I’ll keep my baby monitor plugged in (even though I don’t need it anymore).